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Re: Hold on!

Posted by Mike W. on April 10, 2003 at 11:09:01

In Reply to: Hold on! posted by Visitor on April 09, 2003 at 14:59:37:

I'm perfectly aware of the Manifest Destiny doctrine. You know, you speak as if Americans are the only ones who've held such ideas....that we're more evil than others for doing exactly what others have done and believed....that we don't have a right to fight Iraq because we've made mistakes in the past. I don't buy into that. I know we've made mistakes, but no more so than any one else.
I'll sum up what I've clearly said: I've said that America has made mistakes. America has attempted to correct her mistakes. America is a super power, and as such, America should use her power for just causes.
I don't understand why you keep bringing up past mistakes of America (such as taking advantage of Native Americans, not allowing Jews to immigrate at some past time, taking advantage of the Irish, slavery in the South, etc., etc.) I thought that the thread had to do with the war with Iraq.
But, since you bring up Manifest Destiny and some other things: What about Japan, and the way they attempted to expand their borders. Wouldn't that be considered the same thing as Manifest Destiny? What about the Soviet Union, and the way they swallowed up so much of the map? What about Saddam Hussein invading Iraq? What about Germany? Should we keep reminding the German people about how bad they are for their Nazi terror? Should we disregard any sort of international maneuvre by the Germans, simply because they Fricked-up big time in the last century? What about the dictatorship of Italy in world war II (Mousolini)What about the British Empire? What about South Africa and the way they lorded themselves over the blacks? The list can go on. So why do you sit at your computer and bad-mouth America? They are no better or no worse than any other people. They've made the same mistakes. So why do you make such a big deal out of our mistakes, when we've attempted to become better people? Haven't you ever heard of a developping nation? If any nation is develloping, it's the USA. We are a new nation (compared to Euorpe and most other nations.) In effect, we should be given more leeway to make mistakes, as long as we correct them.
I get so sick of people lambasting the USA for her past mistakes. Big deal. We've moved on, and continue to move on to bigger and better things, and I'm proud to be a part of this nation.
I'm thrilled to see the latest developments in Iraq, and how the majority of her citizens are happy we are there. It proves that the Iraqis themselves supported us all along, but were simply afraid for their children and themselves.