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Re: glad it is a dialogue after all........

Posted by Tigress on May 21, 2003 at 00:34:56

In Reply to: glad it is a dialogue after all........ posted by Singleton on March 14, 2003 at 05:47:55:

I remarried s.o. in TF after seven kids and a divorce, largely due to LOL and 'It's almost over' and not taking the chance to split with my kids and first mate while having the chance and the money....never mind that now. I am happy with my 2nd mate- now we got together when the Charter first came out and before we 'tied the knot' decided to put a stop to all sharing. Needless to say this became a problem with some leadership and other folks,but in our home it worked just great and all were happy. I left with my ex & kids and though we've had some hard times in our marriage as it needed redefining and since we were both coming to terms with the past and the ever pressing reality issues like survival,etc. I think after all that stuff with ff'ing and sharing in TF ( for over 20 years mind you), plus broken hearts, we knew that the lol was unrealistic and had not worked out for many- bad stuff was happening all around us because of it....and the kids got neglected because we were so distracted. In this country are a lot of single women with kids and I am glad to be married. My mate sticks with me and the kids and I am grateful. It's what I always wanted in Tf, but it's easier to live outside.