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Re: Maria

Posted by Jo on November 02, 2003 at 20:31:15

In Reply to: Re: Maria posted by anovagrrl on November 02, 2003 at 16:01:26:

Hey, I remember in the course of studies, doing a genogram. It was then that I realized how very little I knew about anyone in my family, incl. my parents. I called my father's sister who I had not been close to and who I had not spoken to for decades. She provided me with some good information. Much of what she said was not at all the way anyone in my immediate family saw it. I then wrote her a letter and asked some much more personal stuff. I never got an answer. So I can relate to asking this stuff of people who were not involved that I either didn't know or barely knew. I really like reading your posts and did not mean to come across critical of you or anyone who posts here! It is hard for me to convey thoughts sometimes via this method of communication.