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Re: Anger stored in the body

Posted by Jesse (rockon) on April 02, 2004 at 07:36:28

In Reply to: Anger stored in the body posted by Thinker on April 01, 2004 at 20:45:24:

Thanks for your concern.
I‘ve had insomnia for 24 years. The problems with my daughter definitely makes the insomnia worse. I take medication which gives me headaches and dizziness. The more problems the more medication the worse the headaches and dizziness. Does it all anger me ? Yes. Bad chronic insomnia makes you want to die. I lift weights and run a lot to ease the insomnia and help me sleep and it definitely helps. Does weight lifting increase my anger. I don’t know but it helps me sleep and that’s a good thing. A friend of mine keeps telling me to stretch more and do yoga just like you. Talking to my ex-wife so much is stressfull. I talk to her boyfriend too as he jumps on the phone and complains about my daughter sometimes swearing in the background. Anyway I was just wondering how much anger there is out there. No one seems to be building up any kind of court case against Maria, Peter or Gary the guy who runs the Charity everyone talks about. So I guess the anger level out there really isn’t all that high. I guess if the COG was a bigger target that people could sue there’d be lot’s of lawsuits just like the Catholic church or the Hari Krishna’s who also got a class action lawsuit for child abuse a few years back. It’d be nice to see more justice happening. Who knows maybe someday we’ll see more justice against the abusers of the COG. I do give credit to David Berg for my salvation. I believe He did care about people accepting Christ as their saviour. He was totally messed up in every other area of life and caused much harm to people but I do believe he cared about that.