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Re: On the President's Speech to the War College

Posted by hater of neocons on May 26, 2004 at 00:10:02

In Reply to: Re: On the President's Speech to the War College posted by Miguel on May 25, 2004 at 15:45:05:

Sooooooooo.......are we going political here? It could be a bloodbath. :)

I am, and have been from the beginning, vehemently opposed to the illegal, immoral invasion of Iraq by the U.S. -- and the conmtinued occupation. I marched, wrote, and worked as part of a peace coalition.

Far from making progress in the war on terror, the invasion and occupation has probably recruited thousands of new terrorists, all who have a tangible, real reason for hating the U.S.

Americans seem to have lost on the home front as well -- sacrificing precious civil liberties not the least of which is freedom of speech. So much informed debate is shut down by cries of being unpatriotic and unAmerican.

And the fear. The nation seems to live in fear. Today the FBI says there are credible threats of a new terrorist attack this summer, but they do not know where, when, or by whom. But Homeland Security says THEY haven't heard about it.

I really feel sorry for you. It seems to me that the terrorists have won more than they ever imagined when they attacked on 9/11.

Oh, yeah, and by the way, much of the rest of the world -- western, free-thinking world -- really despises the current U.S. administration and their policies. They and people like Sharon are the real terrorists. Thanks to those neocons, the world is a much more dangerous place for all of us.

Do the world a favor. Vote the bums out in November.