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Re: to Perry--teen suicides in Japan

Posted by Perry on November 27, 2004 at 15:31:59

In Reply to: to Perry--teen suicides in Japan posted by porceleindoll on November 27, 2004 at 08:34:50:

Thanks PD. That date make more sense to me, but still seems innacurate. I've had to create a time-line of my experiences in order to remember where I was and when. I was definately in a Tokyo home when I heard the suicide by hanging rumour. Other than the mid-70s, the only time I was in a Tokyo home was in the summers of '85 and '86. So based on my memory, the suicide I heard about didn't happen in the winter of '86. However, my memory of these things is not necessarily complete or reliable, so if your husband knows for sure, that would help me get my own timeline correct.

Your husband and I know each other, and I suspect that I must have at least met you since we seemed to have been at the HCS at some of the same times. [if you're interested I can email you a picture of myself] I was in and out of the HCS right from the beginning of the renovations of the main building in '87 until I left TF in '91. I too never heard of any suicide that occurred at the HCS. I do remember, though, a memorial service held at the pyramid for a baby that died. I suppose the death of a teen was easier to hide than the death of a baby.

I totally agree with your assessment of Silas, who was such a sweet, gentle guy, although the concept of "friends" in TF is a bit strange to me. I've heard others on this site also refer to having friends in TF, but I honestly cannot ever recall feeling that I had a true friendship with anyone. Perhaps I'm just confused as to what a friend is. Or maybe as I continue to come to an understanding of my cult life I will realise that I did I have some friends in TF. Anyway, its just one more interesting aspect of my journey to explore. Thanks for helping me sort out some of the details.