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re: Oh please

Posted by Coordinator on January 06, 2005 at 10:45:16

In Reply to: Oh please posted by Jules on January 06, 2005 at 04:31:55:

There were people who didn't like Carol, just as there were people who supported her and spoke against Acheick openly. Much of what was played out was mostly between them, and their supporters and detractors. They made some strong posts against each other, and some other people joined in. So I honestly don't know if you can say Carol was crucified, when Acheick might well be saying the same thing. Acheick certainly expressed being hung out to dry while "we" supported Carol. One of Acheick's main issues was how she percieved we had a lob-sided support for Carol and gave her carte blanche to do whatever she wanted. When Carol left, the reasons she gave to us were a little more complex than "she was crucified" here.

All parties thought they had it bad here. A lot of people on different sides of the issues felt they were "crucified," and left us in disgust. There were a lot of people who supported Carol, just as there were people who supported her detractors. Didn't you notice any of that?

Besides, her expertise is appreciated, and she has her articles on our site for our use.

You have a point about armchair generals. You can always find people who will volunteer to tell you how to do it better. Those of us who have sacrificed their privacy and exposed themselves to the world, speaking openly about their involvement with TF, carry an unfair share of the burden in this war. Still, to judge and measure how valid another's contributions are, based on their being anonymous or not, is a debatable issue. A lot of good can also be accomplished by people remaining anonymous and helping in whatever capacity they can. In fact some people might be of more help that way.

Most of us, unless it has been done for us, get to choose whether we wish to be anonymous, or to expose our history with TF. And those of us who get to choose, are the ones who have to live with that decision, and we don't get to impose our personal choices on anyone else. You can criticize it all you want, but just as you have fought hard for individuals' rights to privacy, such decisions are private and individual.

In any case, whatever points I had, I do not want to detract from your cry, which had nothing to do with Carol leaving or staying:

"Some of you have been posting on these web sites for years. What the fuck are you doing to fix the devastation that you caused? I seriously expected more of you."

Thank you for all the great work you are doing on your end.