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more focus on the battle

Posted by Peter on January 31, 2005 at 00:07:15

In Reply to: PR War? posted by Peter on January 31, 2005 at 00:05:25

Spirit helpers we can call on in times of persecution
To aid us in our prayer efforts‚ Mama asked the Lord who we can call on to help us in this battle of persecution, for the media, for our former members‚ for protection, etc. Below is our Protector's answer and insight on who we can call on at this time.

(Jesus:) Michael the Archangel stands ready. The forces under his command are on high alert. Many have already been deployed to key positions. Their primary task is to protect the Family‚ to answer your prayers in thwarting the Enemy from his attempts to stir up further publicity. Their secondary task is to be ready to launch counterattacks to silence and stop those who would do you harm.
In individual situations‚ My Family can call on Tola and Tor for your protection. You have Watchdog and Haven who are the custodians of the children‚ who will faithfully stand guard over the children. And you have the keys of foresight, wisdom, insight, angelic protection and heavenly speech which will cause those you speak with to marvel at the answers, for they will be at a loss to find a way to twist them to sound bad.
Each Home should claim their personal key craft to be hovering overhead at all times‚ as well as key crafts to accompany any who go out witnessing‚ or need to go out for any other task, so that they will carry with them all the power and wisdom of Heaven.
Call on William Gladstone to help your brethren who are at the forefront of the battle handling the media, for Gladstone is a master of the wisdom of turning controversy into promotion of the gospel. He has been in special training for this time of persecution and knows the Enemy's plans thoroughly.
The Enemy has launched a full attack, it's time to call in the Wildcats of Heaven. These will not so much shield you, but instead will launch counterattacks that will set the Enemy back and cause him so much trouble that he will be unable to focus a serious effort on attacking you.
I also send you the Activation Angel of Miracles, who will stand guard ready to blind eyes‚ stop the mouths of your enemies‚ turn the hearts of the authorities and give you advance warning of what the Enemy is trying to do.
I have sworn to bring you before the world as My greatest witnesses. The time is near at hand when you will find yourselves catapulted into key positions in preparation for the days ahead. I have been slowly moving My children into these places and situations for the Endtime scenario‚ but the pace will now pick up.
How much or how little persecution will touch your life is dependant on how faithful you are with the tools I have already given you, how desperate you are to know My highest and best for you, and how diligent you are to obey those leadings. I will use persecution to work My plan when needed‚ but I will also not allow persecution to touch you unless it is for a purpose, to increase your message, to cause you to grow and be strengthened, to fill the Enemy's cup to the full that you can see My judgments upon the wicked, and rejoice the more to be counted worthy to be one of My Endtime witnesses.
The battle is in full array. The Enemy shouts his taunts. He sees but a small band of soldiers, but he is unsettled by the glow of My Spirit around them. As he begins his charge‚ expecting easy victory‚ he will be faced with the very forces of Heaven as they appear all around you.
This battle will be fierce but short and the Enemy will be fully routed as never before. As you use all that I have already given you, you will see My power manifested as never before. You will look in wonder as the seemingly vastly superior forces of the Enemy are forced to flee in terror at the onslaught of the forces of Heaven as they rush past you into the fray, and the Enemy's expected destruction of My Family is turned into a mighty slaughter of his own forces. They will be shamed and humiliated. You will be vindicated as My children. This will begin a time in which the Family will become the many things I have promised in preparation for the final scene.
There will be casualties along the way–stragglers who have not moved into the positions I gave them. But for those who desire to follow all the way, it will be a day of realizing that the power and weapons you need are all at your disposal. Pick them up and use them. Call on your spirit helpers or seek them out if you have not already. Time is not just short, it is almost non-existent. I can give no more till My children use what they already have and what they have is more than enough to conquer the whole world. (End of message.) ........