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My conclusion Memo:How-To

Posted by Don't Buy It on February 09, 2005 at 17:48:17

In Reply to: Re: OH MY GAWD posted by Oldtimer on February 09, 2005 at 16:23:31:

Note from administrators

Feb 3, 2005

Dear fellow second-gen'ers,

Thanks so much for the excellent letters you've written and sent for the site. We wanted to encourage those of you who want to, to include your full legal names, unless you're actually living in a sensitive country. This will help your letters to carry more weight, and will also make it more likely that journalists will be able to quote you in their news articles.

Our detractors, when posting negative rhetoric about the Family on their websites, use aliases with few exceptions. Using our full names shows that we stand fully by what we're saying, and we're not ashamed of our lives or upbringings in the Family.

If you sent in a letter with a first name only, and want to include your full legal name, please send a note to with the words "FULL NAME" in the subject line, and tell us which posted letter is yours and let us know your full name, and we'll put it up there. And if you can't include your full name for some reason (we know some of you live in China and other anti-Christian countries) don't feel bad. We just wanted to clarify that the vast majority should feel free to.

Thanks so much. And if you're a second gen'er and haven't written a letter yet, about what you think of your upbringing in the Family, feel free. Don't forget to include your name/age/country, and a photo too if you want.


Anaik for the team