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Re: Paypal Donations to the Ricky Memorial Fund

Posted by ">John Jr. on February 25, 2005 at 14:19:54

In Reply to: Re: Paypal Donations to the Ricky Memorial Fund posted by Joseph on February 25, 2005 at 12:45:18:

I'm working on a response to the questions generated by my first open letter to the FGA's and will post it soon, but I did want to add this about the memorial. There's no leadership structure here, there's no shepherds and hopefully no wannabe's. I did my time as a VS and believe me, it was not my cup of tea. It's a collective effort to pull off a memorial for Rick. IMO Elixcia is very strong by relying on her friends to help her pull this off and by not allowing the Family to have any part in Rick's memorial. I too feel a bit like some others that The Family should foot the bill and pay for what they had a hand in, however it's not my position or anyone else's to say so.
The organizers of the memorial endorse Joseph's efforts to use NDN to raise support. The organizers of the memorial are not trying to pull rank, we're simply trying to do what's right and respect Elixcia's wishes in the process. Thank you to all those who have given, and even if it was only a couple $$, the simple gesture was a sign of good faith.