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Re: Let's not just let Mene Berg die

Posted by caution on February 27, 2005 at 15:52:51

In Reply to: Let's not just let Mene Berg die posted by Oldtimer on February 27, 2005 at 15:26:35:

Mene is in contact with her family and my understanding is that those who love her do all they can to help her. She has had access to medical services as well. This does not mean that she is in good shape, just that she is not all alone.

Wellmeaning attempts to intervene by people who do not know her might well end up being counter-productive.

My suggestion would be that if anyone wanted to help in some way, they should put out feelers to her family. That way all efforts would be co-ordinated -- not working at cross purposes.

Maybe my assessment is wrong, but take it for what it's worth.

She is a true innocent victim of all the horror that is The Family.