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Re: memorial sites

Posted by ">Jim LaMattery on March 02, 2005 at 11:40:14

In Reply to: memorial sites posted by a poster on March 01, 2005 at 15:27:53:

Ricky, although orphaned by his own parents and "family," is now no longer orphaned! He has new parents and siblings. Parents like me that understand that I, or my girls, could have taken his way of dealing with the rage if they did not have family outside of TF to help them re- assimilate back into society- and parents that will stand up and validate the accounts of abuse that their own children have suffered under the "care" and "supervision" of TF members. And he has new "siblings"in all of those voices that have come forward and validated the same rage and devestation that was reeked upon them in Ricky's parent's name.
Ricky's actions have sparked a dialogue that will not soon be quenched. Maria and Peter's deomonization of their son will not hold! Some current "parent members" are once again forced to choose what is right and good for their children- some will make the right choice-it's inevitable. I am seeing more accounts of abuse being posted on this and other sites-those accounts are evidence. The evidence is building at an exponential rate as more individuals are willing to come forward. More and more media is willing to get involved. Every voice and every account is more important now than ever before. Ricky's memorial will be one of the most important events for any ex-member to attend. It is a show of solidarity. Those that cannot attend should send support via voice or pocketbook. Even as little as a $5 donation will help! Ricky symbolizes the extreme result of all that were abused in TF. I would be hard-pressed to see it in any other way. Jim LaMattery