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Re: Let's not just let Mene Berg die-Shulamites response

Posted by Anneke on March 02, 2005 at 16:32:01

In Reply to: Let's not just let Mene Berg die posted by Oldtimer on February 27, 2005 at 15:26:35:

Hi, this is the email I got from Shulamite (Judy) Merry's mom this morning. She doesn't come to the boards but I asked her if I could say something about Merry since so many people were concerned and this was her answer to me. Judy is a very smart, educated lady who I think has a real handle on the Berg's. Here it is. If anyone responds to this I will copy and paste it in an email to her and if you want her to write you back please include your email address.

Hi Anneke,
So are you back? I don't care what you put on the internet about Merry as long as it is the truth. And the truth is you couldn't even hardly think of a worse lie than the state she is in, she is in bad shape. People might as well know how bad she is, and pray for her. Maybe if people had realized how bad Davidito was, they would have prayed for him more. Of course these people in the second generation, most are without faith. Because I am realizing more than ever that the whole cult thing was ANOTHER JESUS. A lot of us who were saved before we went in had a certain amount of COVERAGE, and spiritual protection, but people like me and others who got close to the Berg family GAINED STRONGHOLDS OF THE BERG DEMON, that STRANGLED THE HOLY SPIRIT IN OUR SOUL.
I am in counselling in a program called a SEVEN STEP PROGRAM. One thing the lady counselling me said that after the suicide of a spouse or someone you were close to you can get a STRONGHOLD because at that time you are very vulnerable. Some lady in the church had a husband who commit suicide, who like Aaron had been a spiritual leader, but he had got in over his head by going around praying against the principalities of certain parts of the city, and didn't have enough spiritual coverage.
I think I told you about Berg going to a COVEN up in Canada. This is my gut feeling, call it instinct, but I think Berg may have had encounters with Demons, and the occult way before the cult began and when he was in Canada. Merry told me Deb said Berg had studied MORMONISM, and that is ANOTHER JESUS. Deb also mentioned in her book about when she drove her dad to the gypsies, and when her father came back from meeting the gypsy leader he was really weirded out. WHO KNOWS HOW LONG BERG WAS DEALING WITH DEMONS. But given the fact that he had raped his daughters, he had opened the doors to demons way before. One could say that he was Bipolar and was manic and couldn't control his mania, his sexual impulses. But Berg went to church and knew that incest was a sin. He had opened a door for demons in sinning against the Lord and committing that great sin against his own daughters.
Then of course we know from the Mo letters that over time he opened the door to more and more demons, and became gradually more possessed. He had murder in his heart toward Merry, but couldn't murder her or it would have exposed the demon possessed person he really was. That is the only reason the demon in him back off. But the demon in him broke Merrys soul. I really like what Daniel Welsh wrote about Rick Dupui when he called it soul murder.
I realize that I have had a STRONGHOLD over my life. It actually began the day BUS NUMBER ONE arrived at TSC. You hadn't joined yet. But as I got off the bus, Berg was there with Maria, speaking in tongues and praying for everyone. My first reaction was to get back on the bus and go back to California. But I was pregnant and vulnerable, and didn't want to go back. So I just kind of sat on the ground and when Berg came up to me I thought in my mind, "I am in such bad shape, I might as well let him pray for me, he certainly can't do any harm." Then he prayed for me and it was a real "SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE". I had never had that kind of spiritual experience and mistook it for a real spirit of Love. Obviously the devil is very deceptive and can even imitate love. When I took a philosophy class the teacher asked, "How do you test love." People threw out answers, I said, "They ask you to marry them." His answer TIME. TIME IS THE BIG TESTER. REAL LOVE STICKS WITH YOU THROUGH THICK AND THIN. The way Ron loves you.
I spent enough time around Jane and Stephen and Aaron to know that they put on a show, that hardly lasted longer than they could get out the door or the other person got out of the door. Aaron proposed to me, and I thought it was real love. None of the Berg love was real, it was all COUNTERFEIT.
I can't cover all I have to say in a short time. But I mentioned it to Sam Ajamian. first thing he said is he didn't get prayed for that day when Berg was praying for him. That shows why he had some protection, and his mind wasn't all clouded out, and he wasn't taken captive by a stronghold. God protected him, and knew the call he needed from Sam so he didn't let him get that damaged. Sam also said that when he went to Greece, he was having thoughts in his mind that were telling him exactly what was going on in Music with Meaning. As that is the kind of thing that happened to me after Aaron's suicide. He understood what I was talking about. The DEMONIC STRONGHOLD AT MUSIC WITH MEANING WAS SO PERVASIVE THAT HE PICKED UP ON IT. The devil was attacking his mind. Thank God he didn't give into what attacked his mind.
"BE SOBER BE VIGILANT, FOR THE DEVIL IS GOING AROUND LIKE A ROARING LION SEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR." That same evil demon is on the war path out to get people who are in vulnerability because of Davidito's suicide.
When I first came back to the states I read a book called, "The enigma of suicide" trying to understand what happened with Aaron. It did help me to realize that suicide have triggers, people leave suicide notes, and it helped me some. Then in nursing school I had to study about the GRIEVING PROCESS. Then I realized that I had never properly grieved over Aaron. Because in Spain I had gotten angry and wrote Berg and Jane that they were responsible for Aaron's suicide because of the unloving way they had treated him, and how he felt deserted by his family. When I later went up to Paris, Jane told me that my anger was unhealthy and that God couldn't use me like that. So I was never able to get out my anger.

Anger has to be acknowledged. You don't want to stay in that stage very long, but you do have to acknowledge that anger, that is why going on TV and publicly speaking about your anger actually helps a person heal. Anger pressed down into the soul for so long is damaging. So a nurse realized I had a problem and stayed with me two hours after class one day and helped me realize that I had not properly worked through the grieving process, and it helped me a lot. A lot of churches teach seminars on the grieving process. I recommend them to anyone. It is good for these SGA's to heal by doing these documentaries. It is healing for them. As long as they aren't still in this stage years down the line. But by getting the anger out in a way that will help others understand what happened to them will help them proceed through the grieving process. COMING OUT OF CULT IS A GRIEVING PROCESS. For the losses in your own life, the loss of happiness within your family. First shock, then anger, then bargaining, then depression and finally acceptance.
To tell you the truth, I am still in shock over Davidito, but the shock is speaking to my soul on a deep level about how evil Berg is, and it is releasing some of my pent up feelings about what happened to Aaron. It is actually healing to me. Davidito was in some ways another generation disaster like Aaron.
I believe the Lord let Davidito do what he did. He did not stop him. And that girl walked right into the trap. Someone in our church group said, "If she would have been in touch with the Holy Spirit she would have heard from the HS not to go there." But what they don't understand is that the woman he murdered had had the Holy Spirit strangled out of her by the many years she was in Berg's home. She stood by while the abuse went on without doing anything to stop it, or at least getting out of there and going and warning people. She was damaged herself.
the Lord keeps giving me the word strangled. when you are being strangled you aren't getting any air. the air symbolizing the breath of the Holy Spirit. Berg cut off the spiritual life-sustaining spirit of God from people's life. When God's Holy Spirit can't get to your soul, your spirit dies. Worse yet. While he cut of the living Spirit of God, he infused people with his evil spirit. Until the good spirit of Jesus was displaced with a deceptive lying evil spirit - another Jesus. A demonic pretender. A counterfeit.
IT IS VERY PAINFUL FOR ME TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I RECEIVED A DEMONIC STRONGHOLD AT AARON'S SUICIDE. I listened to Berg's spirit helper stuff and thought Aaron was my spirit helper. I didn't know that spirit helper stuff was demonic. I didn't know about the stuff written in Deuteronomy. Berg wrote all these letters on the Holy Spirit and made it sound like these spirit helpers were part of the Holy Spirit. I was deceived. But that deception did not come overnight. It came from years of working with Jane, Aaron, and Stephen. Jane still believes that stuff. She thinks Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are her spirit helpers. And all the time I had a Demon. Like I said, it is very painful for me to acknowledge. BUT JUST ACKNOWLEDGING IT IS HEALING.
DID YOU KNOW THE THE CHILDREN OF GOD IS LISTED UNDER THE OCCULT IN DELIVERANCE CLASSES. I was shocked when I took this class on deliverence and it is listed along with Satanic worship etc.
IT IS LIKE MERRY WAS NEVER DELIVERED FROM BERG'S DEMONIC SPIRITS. If she had been delivered, she may have come down here and dated a bunch of guys for a while, but she would never have sunk down so low. It is just inconceivable unless a demon was controlling her. She also let doors open because of her LONELINESS, and the pain she suffered of so many rejections, when these guys found out she was crazy. BUT I BELIEVE WE CAN PRAY AGAINST GENERATION CURSES. The sins of the fathers to the fourth generation.
Perhaps what is really needed is a general fast and prayer. To release God's power to break the strongholds on people's lives as a result of the damage done by Berg.
Right now, I am working on myself. And it is a painful process. "No pain no gain." Like I said, "I could just go into denial." But is why crazy people stay crazy, they go into denial because of the pain, when instead of acknowledging it and facing it, and getting help to work through it with PRAYER, LOTS OF PRAYER, the denial stops the healing process. I am not talking about talking about the past on and on, and spending years of therapy, that doesn't work. I am talking about acknowleding the anger and pain from what was done, and realizing it was a work of evil, and attack of the devil on our lives, and then praying, Praying for the Holy Spirit to reach into the soul, and heal the broken spirits. Exposing the lies, and praying for deliverence.
I have said a lot. But the healing Merry needs has to be a work of the Holy Spirit, a breaking of strongholds over her life, she has to forgive people, and also a deliverence from generational curses. And I need to get her name changed legally from Mene Mene which is a cursed name, to really be Merry. I don't really know how much that costs or how to go about doing it, but she also has to cooperate.
Nothing is impossible with God. Merry has to of course come to the place where she really wants to repent and seek God. But right now she is under a stronghold controlling her mind. She can't break free of it. If she would get on medicine and off of drugs, she would be able to think and reason, enough to consciously chose God. But this demon that is controlling her mind is trying to kill her. I prayed for her to get into jail and held there long enough to dry her out, and bring her back to her right mind, or hold her in the hospital, but she always gets out. She is an escape artist, like Berg was. But in the end Berg did not escape. He escaped facing his sins, and died in sin, and is in Hell.
But not just Merry, but many many of these second generation, we need to pray for them, damaged by what Berg did. We have to pray for their deliverance. It is big time spiritual war. The battle has to be won in the spirit. There are many areas to the whole battle. Kids who come out do have to get a job and learn to survive in the real world. The have to learn about what normal life is, understand what a cult is, and what happened to them. But the biggest battle is really the spiritual deliverence and finding the real Jesus. That is slow because of all the layers of abuse, and lack of trust, and finding the right churches, and the right genuine Christians. there are so many weak christians, and so many in name only, and so many going to Church and using God for business etc. there are even levels of sincerity within the church. San Diego is a good place, because there are a lot of strong spiritual leaders in this City, and a powerful work of the Holy Spirit going on here.
I am going to bed now. I don't care what you say about Merry on the internet. She needs all the prayer she can get. Money wouldn't hurt. She has college bills, no place to live, no clothes, needs her name changed. I don't have that kind of money. I get a few extra hundred dollars a month to work with for personal needs, and that is it.
Just pray for God to protect her. But she is now ruining her teeth from the methamphetamine use. She will end up with false teeth. All we can do is pray for her. But I guess the more people praying the better. Bye now. Judy