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Re: Reply to Query and Affirmative

Posted by affirmative on April 19, 2005 at 18:28:03

In Reply to: Re: Reply to Query and Affirmative posted by XR on April 18, 2005 at 22:19:10:

Your defense of his apologetic actions would be rather touching, if David was just another young, poorly informed citizen who stumbled across TF. In that case, he may not have had access to any critiques of the group.
The reality is that David Millikan, the academic, could have accessed information that would have raised red flags with anyone, but he like his fellow apologists made a choice. They choose to restrict themselves by accessing information from Family members and discounting information from 'apostates'. In other words, the outcome of their 'research' was both predictable and skewed. As he is not an unintelligent man, he would have been or should hsve been very aware of this himself. The idea that these apologists are memrely fools is difficult to believe.