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Re: what's being accomplished?

Posted by Charlie on April 20, 2005 at 09:12:52

In Reply to: what's being accomplished? posted by Acheick on April 20, 2005 at 02:16:27:

You've been a super-trouper-warrior in your denounciations of Fam abuses. You have no need to worry about having not done anything. And, by the way, that was a WONDERFUL, tear-jerker write up on the Ricky Memorial. I really apprectiated that! Thankyou!

There's no doubt in my mind that there are lots and lots of people doing lots of things for lots of people, not just themselves, in regards to cult recovery. If I remember correctly, it's the little things that make the kingdom stand. How much money have people sent to help loved ones, friends, even those they didn't know? How much time has been spent sharing lessons, victories, counselling.....teaching. How many have opened their homes to those in transition? I bet it's phenomenal, if it were all taken into account.

The migrations are in full swing here now. The snow is ALL GONE, TG! My yard was a musical rapsidody of blackbird and grackle song last night. They show up in the morning for the seed that I scatter throughout the yard, and then again in the evening for another feed before they're off to the safety of the marshes and the evergreens for the night. A few will stake out some nearby territory to nest in, while the others will move north to establish territorites of their own. the migrations seem to happen in waves. I have the blackbirds this week, but next week I'll have 8-9 different kinds of sparrows. I've already had the juncos. I'll be getting flycatchers and swallows as soon as it warms up enough to bring the bugs to life, and then the warblars. The swamps andditches are exploding with croaking, croaking, croaking.

It is my prayer that the joy of new life that breaks forth with the arrival of spring here every year be the joy of new life that can be realized for all exmembers as they, too, spread out across the land to establish territories of their own.

Happy migrations all!