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Re: Diff between rank-&-file & top leaders

Posted by Jim LaMattery on April 22, 2005 at 13:49:50

In Reply to: Diff between rank-&-file & top leaders posted by Observer on April 22, 2005 at 13:34:21:

Those in the SGA community that have been offeneded by me need to speak for themselves. Many issues were twisted in the last few days on I wish I could devulge everything that caused this. But I won't do that. I will do my very best to listen to all the concerns that these young people have who have disagreed with my approach to the investigations of their parents. Many issues were confused by the crossfire. But time and understanding will take place. But again, I am not trying to win them over. I am not trying to be their next "leader." I have my own struggle to fight. It's a matter of each individual truly coming to grips with their own reality concerning their experiences in TF. And this is fact is what they are doing.
But you know what I've found out? These are the greatest kids in the world! Even my most bitter differences with them cannot cover up the beauty that is truly in them. Even ones who have falsly accused me I find brilliant and true to their hearts. They won't sacrifice what they truly believe is the right thing to do, for me, or anybody else! If I were a leader, or a general, these are the very same soldiers I would want to lead! These are no "yes" men, I can tell you that! These are your kids, and they are beautiful, and in the end it is they that will make the right choices for themselves. And when they do that, they will understand that they never needed me.