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Self-serving hype

Posted by Grey on April 23, 2005 at 14:39:16

In Reply to: Current SGA Member Letter posted by Jim LaMattery on April 23, 2005 at 13:58:12:

Jim, this all sounds like self-serving hype on your part. You really think this letter has any significance? The guy does not want a dialogue with you, he says he wants nothing to do with you and that he is utterly loyal to his leaders.

this is simply another rebuttle like the hundreds on the conclusions board. So he sent it to you -- big deal. You finally got one Family member to write you. Whoopie doo.

You say that this has nothing to do what people believe, only what they've done. But then you start railing on this guy about his religious beliefs, telling him he doesn't need leaders and things like that.You're trying to convert him, pure and simple -- or at the very least, show him that his beliefs are wrong, and yours are right.

You come across in your posts as a very religious person, and I think religion has a lot to do with all this, for you. You're so religious you scare me, because with your religosity I see self-righteousness and almost a willingness to "kill" -- not literally -- people for God's service.

You come across as really thinking you're better than everyone here, and the SGAs. You try to feign humility and understanding, but then you let your guard down and show your true nature -- your utter disdain for those you purport to advocate for and your willingness to betray them if it suits your purposes.

Your continual preaching and obsession with yourself on these boards gets to be a real pain. It comes across as being all about you.