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Threatening innocent FMs with persecution?

Posted by Alarmed on April 23, 2005 at 15:11:14

In Reply to: Current SGA Member Letter posted by Jim LaMattery on April 23, 2005 at 13:58:12:

This statment by Jim LaMattery to Stephen Buckle makes me want to distance myself from him & to declare loud & clear that JIM LAMATTERY DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME! Jim is foolishly playing right into the hands of Family leaders & paranoia by practically promising innocent SG Family members that unless they hand over Peter & Maria (which they won't do, that this will result in worldwide persecution against innocent Family members. I quote...

<<I believe that there are innocent individuals who have never committed crimes against children in your organization. But the bad name that Claire, Peter, and Maria will bring to your membership by hiding from the truth of what they did in the past, and running from the courts that will hold them accountable for the same, can reek all kinds of unwarranted persecution upon those innocents among your current membership. For the sake of your children, I ask you to do the right thing.>>

Besides the fact that Jim cannot spell ('reek' should be 'wreak') I do not agree with his stupid threat that not complying with Jim's demands can can <<reek all kinds of unwarranted persecution upon those innocents among your current membership.>>

Jim, you will find your stupid statement quoted all over the Family! I do not agree with you & I call upon all exmembers to distance themselves from your foolish threat. This investigation is to find those who physically & sexually abused children & the FBI is NOT interested in persecuting the innocent.

Will you please SHUT UP Jim?