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Re: I can't figure it out

Posted by grey on April 23, 2005 at 15:20:44

In Reply to: I can't figure it out posted by Acheick on April 23, 2005 at 15:01:06:

I agree with your comments.

Jim is not going to change. As he said, he's happy and comfortable with his arrogance and views himself as a compassionate person.

He does not really grasp the shame and remorse that many FGA exers have. He simply wants to shame them more and beat them down, all the while exalting himself. We're bad, he's good. We'll never be good enough for Jim.

Even more shockingly, there's evidence that he feels that way about the SGAs.

When I read many of his posts, I am struck by how cult-like they are. He uses so many of the tactics that Family leaders use -- shaming, controling, manipulating, threatening. All sweetness and light one minute, then a threat if you cross him.

His comment yesterday on a post here was interesting. He said something like

"I never threatened anyone, it just looked like that."

Cult leader: "We never never sexually abused children, it just looked like that."

Well, at least these discussions have given people a heads-up. If people work with Jim and get hurt, don't come whining here.

He says he wants to break the cycle of abuse? Well, part of that is to start treating people with respect and dignity.