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Doesn't Stephen know that the Catholic Boarding

Posted by lydia on April 23, 2005 at 16:53:44

In Reply to: Current SGA Member Letter posted by Jim LaMattery on April 23, 2005 at 13:58:12:

Schools are now considered abusive?

Isn't it tragic how those poor kids in the Family (who are now grown) consider it okay to have been put through retraining?

That poor old Stephen doesn't even know if he has been abused.

Of course I guess we won't even talk about the stripping of your mental facilities, maybe he should read what his "Mama" said here:

. . . having sex. It's pure to us, there's
nothing wrong with it, so we let our kids be in
on it, we let them get in on it if they want, we
even play it with them because it's nice, it
makes them feel good & they enjoy it.
--Maria. December 12, 1990

This was written in 1990! Way past the time were the Family says sexual activity with kids was stopped.

Also how willfully ignorant is it for Stephen to declare he knows "nothing" of the past? The Family has hidden it's history from the present generation, burning all the stuff that would have revealed how terrible things were. (Like the Mene letter)

One can only hope that like the Family member who posted here and is on their way, that the wake up call continues to happen.

We can pray it is so!