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Yes Observer

Posted by long on April 23, 2005 at 17:49:42

In Reply to: Re: those are my grandchildren posted by Observer on April 23, 2005 at 16:39:21:

One of the reaons some of us tried to advise Jim, was because we suspect that Claire's letter does not signify that they are running scared , but may be trying to discredit spokespeople who want legal action taken against the abusers in the Family. Although most people can understand his frustration and anger at the injustices suffered by his family, very few people will be happy with his emotive and inflammatory language such as 'You can stop the bloodbath that is about to happen as many children have grown up and are ready, willing, and able to prosecute their parents'. Whether we call it bravado or folly, it is unnecessary and damamging both to the relationships of families split because of the group AND also has the potential to discredit critics of the group or those who want to go down the legal route. In any case , it is not wise for someone who is taking legal action to be making so many public statements. Public statements can wait till justice is accomplished,and if they are vital to the collection of evidence, should be as brief as possible IMO.
Hopefully someone close to Jim who has his trust will get him to listen and to really understand that he has some serious responsibilities here.
Having said all that anyone who has waited so long for justice can understand his frustration, impatience and the roller coaster he must now be on. Hopefully those who are close to him will persuade him to take counsel.