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Re: To Jim LaMattery

Posted by John Jr. on April 24, 2005 at 12:04:12

In Reply to: Re: To Jim LaMattery posted by Observer on April 24, 2005 at 11:17:57:

He has communicated with me and I grant Jim permission to do WTF he wants. Jim's an individual who didn't even know these boards existed until 3 months ago. Jim didn't know who Rick was until I pulled him in to watch Rick's video way before it was made public. He physically vomited after hearing of the very real abuse that occurred under The Family. As a good human being, he dug deeper and decided to do what was right. No “team work” approval was needed then, none needed now.

For the record: I asked if your name rhymed with con, not Jim, and you haven't answered me. I will support any bonafide effort to bring TFI to justice, I will not support people like you who give TF something to smile about. It's not the support of the boards that we need, it's individuals getting up and putting a face on this fight.

I only wish Rick and Abe knew Jim before, they would’ve discovered a man willing to take people to task and seek justice for them, and they’d have a better chance at being alive today. The boards were obviously no help for Rick seeking justice then, and they continue to prove now that they are still lacking.

We need more Jim's, we need more people willing to work over time and take mud for us. We don't need "talkers", we need "do'ers". You're a talker. And you're right, this did start way before Jules posted "Jim LaMattery" on movingon, in due time the riff that was created will be made public, and the public will hold those who started this responsible.

PS. Getting people off the fence is a good thing. It's not "Jim's" side, it's criminal prosecution vs. reformists. It's "victims" vs. "survivors", I'm not a victim and I'm not a reformist.