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Re: To Jim LaMattery

Posted by Observer on April 24, 2005 at 12:21:52

In Reply to: Re: To Jim LaMattery posted by John Jr. on April 24, 2005 at 12:04:12:

Glad to hear that Jim has communicated with you & that you grant him permission to do WTF he wants. Yes, my concern is exactly that, that Jim didn't even know these boards existed until 3 months ago. There are huge gaps in his knowledge & he needs a lot of input to fill those gaps. He made a huge mistake on his TV interview about the purpose of the Teen Camps. Remember?

You say no 'team work' approval was needed when Jim started, none needed now. I strongly disagree. Yes, it IS important that Jim work with others & make himself accountable to others. Since you have basically rubber-stamped Jim doing WTF he wants, then you are obviously not counseling him. If you had been able to counsel him & get him to listen to you, I trust you would have counseled him NOT to go against the FBI's wishes when they didn't want the investigation to be announced publicly.

I was shocked to learn from Jules' post this morning that the FBI did NOT want the investigation announced but that Jim took it on himself to announce it anyway. THAT is where having people he is accountable to would have helped. Since you have stepped back to let your uncle do WTF he wants, it is clear he has not made himself accountable to you. I'm not talking about a 'committee' here (which Jim says he hates) but simply checking things out before speaking.

You asked if your name rhymed with con. OK, I'll telll you. I don't know what phantom foes you think are dogging you or Jim & why you feel compelled to dig out even those who offer helpful criticism, but my name does NOT rhyme with con. Got that? It does NOT rhyme with con. I am not John, Don, Lon, Jon or Ron.

Now will you answer my question? Does Jim check the ramifications of his actions with ANYONE before he acts? Does he check his 'facts' with ANYONE before he speaks?