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Re: Can anyone explain...?

Posted by Rocky Top on April 26, 2005 at 21:27:27

In Reply to: Can anyone explain...? posted by Stats Nerd on April 26, 2005 at 12:06:28:

IMO 'Queeny' & 'Pooper' are now illusionary to the point they believe in and are guided by imaginary voices inside their own heads. Considering they run a criminal cult that has a history of false prophecy, manipulation and cyclic patterns of poor judgement it fits that there would be little logic in their behavior.

For example; They transcribe Jesus to be somewhat like a ham radio operator. In between Jesus talking on the 'big phone'their dead leader floats around the sugar bowls of the family in between periods of voice spirit guiding and having sex in heaven which, by the way, is hidden in the moon.

Now maybe I am being hasty here but Q & P seem to have an acute perception psychosis of some sort.(IMO) In reality, which they seldom seem to visit, they should be examined, diaagnosed and put into a secure setting for the criminally insane. I just hope they don't start selling their special powers on late night TV like the other cons that regularly appear.

All kidding aside, the family has turned into a morbid side show of degenerate religion and perverted practice. When I think of how ugly berg's views were towards most people and the evil intent he carried around for most members I can hardly stand that I actually believed in my heart at one time that he was sent by God to help others. I think I am going to take a break to check for heavenly signs on the moon and for rodents in my sugar bowl. I don't care to think that Q&P are bound for hell, I think they actually are part of some hell and are on a mission to spread it around.

Happy trails

Rocky Top