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Re: What do you need, Windy?

Posted by Windy LaMattery-Loritsch on April 27, 2005 at 13:54:58

In Reply to: What do you need, Windy? posted by Wondering on April 27, 2005 at 12:53:56:

Although an admirable attempt at trying to understand the inner workings of our family, you assessment is quite wrong.

I do not know you and, therefore, do not owe you (or anyone else for that matter) an explanation of what I want out of this. Furthermore, where I am at in my life and "what [I] need to be doing at this point in [my] life" is my business alone - certainly not yours.

I will say this much. My uncle Jim has been there for myself and my siblings since the day we chose to return to California and make new lives for ourselves after the damage The Family did. He gave us a place to stay, food, clothing, money, many good times, and long endless chats catching us up on all we had missed. He has helped each of us come to terms with much of the abuse that we suffered and has shown us that we can be successful if we are willing to work hard and be dedicated. My uncle was the first person to take me to a university campus which ignited my desire to be courageous enough to pursue a wonderful education; an education that no one (not even the cult) will ever take away from me. Each of us will be eternally grateful towards him for the sacrifices he has made, and continues to make, so that we are a little more comfortable. The majority of the stuff that has come out recently about him, his character and his decisions are just flat out lies. We (my siblings and I) are sick and tired of it and I for one will always stand up for a member of my family if I see they are being unjustly attacked.

The reaction to my uncle by these ex-member boards is beyond shocking to me. After years in the cult I am surprised that anyone would tolerate another person being censored. I am especially shocked that the person being censored is the person who is working his butt off to make sure that the proper authorities have the information that they need. Although I respect the administrators of this board, I absolutely do not understand why they wouldn't want updates on recent conversations with the FBI/progress reports. Tell me, why is a conversation on MovingOn about "anal sex" more important than information on the pursuit of justice?

In the end, what really matters here is that Zerby and Co. pay for what they did to all of us, and I believe that we are all united in that. I would just like to see a little more respect shown to a man who has dedicated himself 100% to make sure that happens. It is certainly more than many of us are willing to do, now isn't it?