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Thank you, Windy

Posted by Coordinator on April 27, 2005 at 14:09:45

In Reply to: Re: What do you need, Windy? posted by Windy LaMattery-Loritsch on April 27, 2005 at 13:54:58:

For saying, 'Although I respect the administrators of this board, I absolutely do not understand why they wouldn't want updates on recent conversations with the FBI/progress reports.'

We simply do not wish Jim's private, personal reports & interpretations on what the FBI supposedly wishes to tell to exmembers, nor to be subjected to Jim's anger & accusations. If anyone wishes to go through Jim to reach the FBI that is their choice.

For the record, we heartily endorse exmembers going to the FBI & making affidavits on their own. We also encourage exmembers to send any incriminating evidence they may have have to the FBI. We do not, however, endorse threats against exmembers by someone who is neither an officer of the law nor a recognized representative of any kind. We believe that it is the right of the FBI to make formal demands, but not for private citizens to take it upon themselves to utter threats to accomplish the FBI's work for them.

The address of the FBI contact has been posted several times & we will repost it again. We also encourage those who wish to follow Jules' advice to contact Exister through his profile on MovingOn.