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Re: What do you need, Windy?

Posted by grey on April 27, 2005 at 15:01:28

In Reply to: Re: What do you need, Windy? posted by Windy LaMattery-Loritsch on April 27, 2005 at 13:54:58:

Windy, I do not dispute the good your uncle has done for you and your siblings. Many other parents in similar situations have done the same. I do not dispute his desire to bring the abusers of his children to justice. I do not dispute his desire to hold the leaders accountable for their crimes.

What I do dispute are his methods. These have been debated a lot here and there is a body of anecdotal evidence -- not to mention Jim's own statements -- that reveals that Jim has acted consistantly in an unethical menner. This includes misleading people about his relationship with the FBI, his desire to profit financially from his involvement, and his coercion, threatening, and general revictimization of SGA victims.

This is what most people I know have a problem with.

If you unquestioningly support your uncle's tactics, then you and I have very little in common.

And I resist and denounce vigorously the notion that anyone who does not agree with them is soft on the investigation.

What I find interesting is that your uncle has consistantly said that he does not want to be a leader of exers, and that he almost has disdain for trying to curry favor in the exer community. He just wants to see justice for himself.

A few weeks ago he was saying that he was so busy saving the world that he did not have time to read Jule's posts about him, as unimportant as they were to him.

And now he seems to be throwing a fit because he has been banned from these boards. I bet he makes time in his busy schedule to read Jules posts now, don't ya think?

Why? If he has such disdain for us all, why is he fighting tooth and nail to be reinstated on the boards and insisting that his updates be posted? Why does he care so much? Aren't we just scummy adults -- complete losers who spent a lot of time in a cult?

My feeling is that Jim really wants control of the exer community, both SGA and FGA. Power over them.

He'll probably never admit it, but he needs the exer community to validate his new career as speaker and writer about cult issues.

Anyway, Windy, It's Jim's behavior and tactics that set him apart from many in the exer community. And if you endorse this behavior unquestioningly, that endorsement will set you apart as well. And if your brother continues to act like,... well, I won't say it, as we're in polite society, he will be ostracised by many as well.

It's all unacceptable behavior. We're not in a cult, and no one has to put up with it. And many of us won't.

Meanwhile, your uncle and his supporters have their own sandbox. They can make their own rules there. This sandbox and the MO one have rules clearly stated. They don't want your uncle playing in it and bullying the other kids. I don't blame them.

A closing thought: Why don't you create a bulletin board on LR, similar to the one here and on MO, so that readers can post their thoughts, comments, and criticisms? Make your web site interactive. Create a board that is passionately dedicated to freedom of speech and opposed to all notions of censorship?

It would be a welcome addition to the ex-member community and obviously meet a demand that the other boards don't.