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Re: TFI caught in the act in Laos

Posted by Jo on April 29, 2005 at 15:32:30

In Reply to: Re: TFI caught in the act in Laos posted by Researcher on April 29, 2005 at 12:13:55:

I agree that on some level there has to be an awareness of the lack of substance of the work compared to the touted publically presented work via PR. But when it comes to the families or members that are out there on the sts. doing this stuff, I think for most of them it is far from cushy.

To any still in TFI:
It is very hard to be in a third world country and know that if your child gets sick or you get sick you may have no place to turn. Also, I know it wears on most parents whose child is not at some qualified school who are in the "field" while their children are not getting an education that is sufficient due to The Family's constant endtime fear and why-get-a-good-education when time is short and the world is coming to an end.

To those parents I would like to say that I was glad to get out because I was under that exact same fear tactic and same delusion but had those inner worries about shortchanging my kids. I am so glad I got out when I did and that they got into schools. You don't have to be rich for your kids to get a good education. Instead of my kids growing up to be adults putting on shows and canning and conning, they have HOMES. They have careers. They have developed their talents and contribute to society. And most of all, they are INDEPENDENT.

If you are in the family and reading this I hope you will think about it. If you are SG in the family and raising children of your own, you may be in your 20's or thirties. I was thirty when I got out. You are young enough to get out and spare your children and get help to get on your feet. There are many more resources today. There were none when I got out.

It is a horrible cycle to get caught up in. The only hope is that people sneak peaks at media reports on the family, on the boards, or via contact with people that care, and something might start sinking in that the reality of what is being done is far from the ideal.

Women don't have to die from cervical cancer due to medical neglect. Governments are not out to get you because you are in TFI if you decide to get out and get on your feet outside of the family.

There are so many legitimate orgs that do wonderful real humanitarian work that you could feel GOOD about being a part of. Your furthering your education would make you IN-DEPENDENT. M & P don't want you or your children to be independent.

They thrive on dependency. All destructive groups thrive on dependency, have leaders that proclaim their divinity and are the sole authority, believe they are chosen ones, use fear tactics and so on.

The media blows up the troubles that exist in any given society regarding problems in school or society at large. M & P capitalize on that and create fear stories to keep people under their thumb.

Sure, I know. If you are in the peak of your time in you may be thinking that you do what you do for your queen, king and family. It is all so idealistic and wonderful when it is fantasy, but the reality is cold and hard.

So to anyone out there who might be still caught in the "Spider's Web", there is life after death.