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Re: Is TF responsible for more than sexual abuse?

Posted by Anneke on May 01, 2005 at 17:07:40

In Reply to: Is TF responsible for more than sexual abuse? posted by Acheick on May 01, 2005 at 14:22:05:

Yes, yes and yes. In 1973 One Wife had come out and I was newly married and pregnant with my first child. We were in Holland. Ron and I were newlyweds and very much in love and had made a book about "us" with pics from the wedding and letters we had written to each other. It was sweet. Ben and Miriam were our leaders in Holland. Right when One Wife came out Miriam made us destroy that precious book and said we were a selfish couple. Then they moved into our room when there was no need for it and began having loud, noisy sex every night in the bed next to us to humilate us. Miriam was sendi8ng Ron (Jorim) on a regular basis to Amsterdam leaving me in Utrecht pregant and defenseless without him. They were trying to break us up. The same was happening to Jeremiah and Priscilla. She was pregnant with Heidi and she was at the Utrecht Farm with little Armendria. We were both big and pregnant and our husbands were being sent off as some sort of torture. Prsicilla actually had a break down after Heidi was born. Heidi was two weeks old and Priscilla couldn't take it any more. She walked out to the highway in Holland all by herself and hitch hiked to Amsterdam to bring Jeremiah "home" to Utrecht.

In Texas when I told a leader I wanted to leave the F (in 1971) he slapped me hard across the face and forced me down on my knees to ask God for forgiveness. He has since left the F and apologized to me for that. God bless him. he was pretty horrified he had done that.

Meanwhile behind the scenes MO was having any girl he could get in his home sexually service him.
Here is an email I got from Shulamite/Judy yesterday. She leaves it to my discretion whether or not to post her emails to me so I am not doing anything behind her back. If you want to know what went on before 1975 here it is from the writings of someone who was there. The sexual abuse was going on for a long time before it became public in the F.

"Hi Anneke,
Maria was an example of many people who when they got around Berg became evil power mongers. She just went along with the whole evil. I don't know if you remember Barbara right before she left the family she was telling everyone of the leaders in Italy how she hated being at Berg's home because he made the girls suck on his penis for hours. In a way that was the price she paid for being the "Great Queen", but I think she was starting to see through Berg. She was quite young when she joined.
You had to keep going against your conscience. There was a point in the early days when we were all deceived. Even the deception damaged our conscience, because when you pray for deliverence you have to pray against what you did knowlingly and unknowingly.
But unless you were around Berg and his family personally you didn't really get as contaminated, because when it comes down to it, it was a SPIRIT. I am just thankful I never had sex with Berg. He approached me in London, but I had a newborn baby and was up cooking and cleaning in the house, and was just about to pass out with tiredness when he approached me and I told him I hadn't gotten much sleep and was tired. You know the Berg's were always so manic and didn't need the sleep of normal people that they didn't understand normal people's need for sleep. They also had no tolerance for sickness. They condemned you if you were sick. I truly was tired. But he took it personally as a personal offense to himself, like I did not honor the prophet. I don't think it would have honored him too much if I fell asleep while he was having sex with me. That was my first step on the way out.
My final step on the way out with Berg is when after Aaron committed suicide, that I wrote him a note telling him that the reason for Aaron's suicide was because he and his family had been so mean to him. I never saw Berg after that. Lucky for me. Well, pray for me to say the right thing. I know that I am thinking of what I will say, but when it comes right down to the interview, I will just speak from my heart, that is the only way it isn't scripted and comes across as authentic. But I am kind of doing my homework. Judy"