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Re: The roar of Queenie's silence

Posted by Rocky Top on May 03, 2005 at 16:45:56

In Reply to: The roar of Queenie's silence posted by Johnny Belinda on May 03, 2005 at 10:51:53:

On the last episode of 'Queenie does Pooper' the kingdom of Moronia was in crisis. The fake rolled gold scandal broke big time and all the little piggy folks were running around with their fingers up their bums worried about what would come after.

No one had seen Queenie or Pooper for days. Two servants from the browner department were also missing. Some of the folks also got news that there were investigators looking to ship a ..'whole lot of piggy folk ass' over to Rikers Island prison in New York City. In addition an unknown GN Piggy Folk staff member said the officials seemed to lack the basic understanding that they were intefering with God's gifted chosen piggy folk leader. This source also claimed an investigator said to one of the 'folks'; 'Hey there pooch-face pull your frigging head out of your ass and start telling the truth or you will ride free on the reality train to Riker's toot-sweet' It seems that they were really looking for Q&P and the other 'folks'.

Could it be that Queenie scooped the pooper?

Did Queenie and pooper have a long convo with dead-dad and the big guy in the crapper?

Did Queenie stoop and scoop to fly the coop?

Has Queenie set up the serving smacks to catch the whacks?

Will the smacks take the wacks or spill the facts?

Have Queenie and the browner crew grabbed the jack, split the shack and slithered down another crack?

And how much ass would a asscan pack if an asscan could pack ass?

For the answer to these and other questions please tune in to this station when FTFnet brings another exciting episode of 'Queenie does Pooper' to your screen.