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Re: Is this true or a joke?

Posted by on May 11, 2005 at 16:51:48

In Reply to: Is this true or a joke? posted by Jo on May 04, 2005 at 14:22:14:

I really happened, and was intended to "break me down". Agabus and Abishag were area leaders of some sort, and they were training Emmor and Tehan. Laommi and Becca had previously been leaders of the Cuernavaca Colony.

Emmor had been a gang member, pre-TF. I had competed at the national level in Tae Kwon Do in the US, and in Mexico, in a Chinese style, pre-TF.

Agabus had told Emmore that, although I was "younger on the Lord" than Emmor, that it was like I had a 12 volt receiver, and Emmor and other only had 6. I was a provisioner in Mexico City, Cuernavaca and Toluca, People I took with me provisioning saw me aske for and receive direct answers to specific prayer, including what streets to turn doen to find certain provisions, etc., so I had a repitation for "really being led by the Spirit"; supposedly.

And, my Spanish was much better that Emmor's, who was and American Hispanic. He definitely did not like me.

One day, Emmor decided he wanted to put his hands on me. By very forcibly, and extremely quickly, removing my shirt sleeeve from his grasp, and easily blocking another grab, I let him know I didn't like it, and was not, and never would be, aftraid of him, physically.

I guess he realized I'd have easily kicked his ass. And, "one wife" wasn't in practice, yet, and he was very jealous over Tehan around any other guys. He had some macho thing to prove. I have of course forgiven him a very long time ago, and often pray for him; wherever he is, if he's still alive.

There was a very steep stairway leading down from the 2nd floor.He had let the bird out to play with it, and it walked a short way across the floor, and then flew up and over the bannister. They hadn't clipped its wings, as I had suggested; having owned a parrot as a child in Venezuela.

He claimed I could have caught it if I'd tried. Had I done so, I would have fallen down the long hard tiled stairs. He made me get down in the sewer to recover "leadership's parrot".

My Dad was the American manager of the exploration arm of the Mexican oil monopoly, Pemex. He had given me around $600 to cross the border in Brownsville, Texas, and the money was passed back and forth to bring the very first COG team into Mexico.

They expected my Dad to really be some kind of big "king", like another American in Mexico City, where we first stayed, after arriving in Mexico.

My Dad just would not give them any more money. That especially pissed off Emmor, since he had come with me to my parent's house in Mexico City.

My Dad had grown up Pentecostal, and had rejected it. But, when he looked sharply and deeply into Emmor's eyes, and asked, "How do you KNOW that you're ordained of God?", God's Spirit came very strongly, Emmor and I both felt it, and Emmor could only faintly stammer John 15:16, where Jesus said that He had called and ordained the first disciples. God's presence really surprised us both, since my Dad was just a "sytemite".

I got very ill, with diarhhea for four straight months, with a distended belly, extreme pallor, weakness and so forth. Had my parents not lived in Mexico City, where the Cuernavaca leaders finally sent me, because I could barely get out of bed, and had I not received appropriate emergency medical care, my parents' doctor said I would have surely died, within a month.

Quite an experience, which God also delivered me from.