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Re: There are some absolutes

Posted by Time traveller on May 18, 2005 at 14:17:39

In Reply to: Re: There are some absolutes posted by Jo on May 18, 2005 at 11:28:59:

I like your perspective, Jo. One place where I might differ just a bit has to do with the toxic mix of Berg & Zerby. I think Berg's power over the minds of his followers was amplified by Zerby in some horrible ways. It may be that the second generation felt Zerby's amplification of Berg's sick ideas more acutely than most FGs, who may have seen Zerby as just another follower.

Fact is, she didn't have the slightest problem with displacing Eve and fanning the flames of alienation between Berg & his children. Zerby was the first to go out and demonstrate FFing and bring home the Jesus babies. There's little if any mention in the MLs about Zerby struggling with her conscience over FFing Carlos, Rick's father, or feeling guilty about her attempt to take Timothy, Techi's father, away from his wife & family.

I just finished reading the Life with Grandpa comic book for kids posted at xfamily, and that kiddie version of the Berg-Zerby household story made me sick. Those sick f*cks told Rick that his biological father refused to accept him as his son and told Techi that her biological father preferred Rachel because she served him steaks while Zerby served pizza! Of course, the REAL reason both men weren't around to raise their children was because they had rejected Jesus and the high calling of service to God's prophet.

I do not believe Zerby is just another deceived disciple who got swept up in Berg's charisma and lies. I think she was the power behind the throne who contributed a lot of her own evil, sick BS to creating the Family myth.