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I went to that site

Posted by gagging on May 22, 2005 at 00:58:36

In Reply to: TFI member sighting posted by OT2 on May 22, 2005 at 00:19:32:

and found this writing by mother eve on being a Daddy. Gee Berg was a great father and grandpa wasn't he?
Here it is from dear ole Ms. Miller:
Yee-haw, skip the pop corn and bring the barf bag.
Where is Daddy?
If you are a musician, actor or actress, or specialize in any of the arts, you should share your talent with your children whenever possible. This will not only help them to appreciate you more, but will help you as a parent to have someone to share with who can really encourage you and appreciate your talent. There is nothing greater to parents than the love and admiration of their children, humble yourself and be willing to share your talent with a little child and you will be greatly blessed. My husband always shared stories with the children very dramatically, just as though he were acting on stage for hundreds of people. When they grew a little older, he would put up the projector and show the slides and filmstrips just for them and a few friends who dropped in. He would lecture as though he were speaking to thousands. Thank God, and thanks to his foresight, he did put those lectures on tape which became a blessing to many later on.

My husband was willing to teach and train the few, while others were waiting for the hundreds and thousands to watch them perform or listen to them lecture. His own four children were his greatest fans, and still are, even though they are now leaders and have children of their own. They are following in his footsteps, as he was very careful to show them the way even when they were very young. Never get too busy that you cannot stop and share your songs and your stories with your own children or children who have been placed in your care. In this way, your children will know what you are doing and understand your absence, and when you are away performing, they will not feel left out.

If you are a busy executive in a job which requires lots of travel, then you must be sure to spend extra time sharing with your children when you are at home. They will not be so resentful of your absence or their lack of a father's presence while they are growing up if you let them know where you have been and what you have been doing. Tell your children as much about your work as you think they can understand and will be of interest to them.

All children like to be proud of their father and mother and the work that they are doing. Whatever your job may be, share with your children and teach them to be interested in what you are doing. Good communication is the best way to bridge the generation gap between parents and children that we hear so much about. It's really not a generation gap so much as a mind gap and a lack of spiritual unity. Some parents forget that their children are "spirit creatures" and not little human machines which just have to be clothed and fed and oiled.

It is very easy to get so caught up in caring for the physical needs of our children that we neglect them mentally and spiritually. When their father returned from a trip, he told the children all about it and treated them as good friends and associates, not as just children. Give your children credit for some intelligence and don't treat them like babies. Remember, children today are much more advanced mentally and even spiritually because of television and the real life drama they observe from those around them.

Children of today's society are no longer sheltered by parents, but are often the victims of their parents emotional and spiritual problems. They have to learn early in life how to cope with such problems and live above them. Therefore, they are more mature and able to face the hardships of the world at a much earlier age than their parents were. In many cases, the teenager may be more emotionally stable than his parents, who are quarreling among themselves, have drinking problems, or have succumbed to other evils of the society in which they live, such as lying, cheating, hatred, robbery, etc.

Certainly teenagers are more idealistic than the average parent and are in search of a better world, while their parents have become satisfied with this one, as bad as it is! Young people still have hope of changing things, so that is why God is using many young people today. Many of you who as children never had real spiritual love from you parents and "flesh family," are now learning what it is like living in God's family. (Mt. 12:46-50)

All of you who have now become parents and have children of your own should not become so burdened down with the physical needs of your children that you do not give them the "Spirit love" that they so badly need. They need your "Spirit love" more than the natural love which is primarily concerned with their physical development and social welfare. They will only know and remember you as you affect their spirit, which is the "real person" who lives inside their body.

Fathers, as well as mothers, should keep an open, understanding channel with their children, so that they will come to them in time of need and feel free to share with them the burden of their heart. This is especially true as they get older and need someone to counsel with about everyday problems and growing up. You will never have the real joy or fulfillment that you could have as a mother or father unless you have this kind of a relationship with your children.

A true spiritual unity between parents and children is something that has to be built up through the years of sharing together in the Spirit as well as sharing the physical pleasures of life. It will not come through casual visits or through only pursuing physical pleasures together, but through true communion of heart with heart in a real spirit unity.

If your job or career causes you to be away from home and you have less time with your children than most parents, then your main objective and concern in the little time that you have with them should be to train and teach them spiritually. Any entertainment given to them should be with this in mind. Whether going to a movie or sailing in a boat, be sure to let them know that you love them, and transmit to them the love that God has for them. Let God's love pour through you to them, no matter what other things transpire while you are together. Do not trust in gifts or physical pleasure to please them or draw them to you, but trust in the "Spirit" and the love of God to keep you close together. They will never forget the time that you share with them in this way.

If you have become a talented musician or an actor or a busy executive and leader, there will be a greater tendency to leave the training of your children up to others. Even though teachers may be doing a good job and have all the love in the world, no one can really take your place as a parent.

Although their father was often separated from his children because of his work, when he was with them they received true spirit love and were taught by him from the Bible and how to relate it to the world of today. They were taught to believe as he did, which is your prerogative as a parent. Because he did not leave their teaching and training up to other teachers or pastors, he influenced them to be his most devoted followers and advocates of his teaching. This is the desire of any good father, to have his children follow his teaching and vocation. This is the greatest reward that a parent can have. (III John 4)

Be an example of a sold-out Christian to your children. It would be good for parents to go out witnessing with them and let them know that you witness and believe in it. The first four little children in our family always saw their father faithfully pass tracts or a message of good news to everyone he met. He was always faithful to give out the message that he believed in no matter where he was. They admired him for it and believed that this was the thing to do. He set a good example by sharing the Good News wherever he went. Church meetings and times of inspiration in the home were not considered our "service" for God, but a time of instruction and encouragement. Our children were taught at an early age to care for lost souls and people who are unhappy and lonely. Serving God for them meant helping the "down and out" and telling people about Jesus, not just going to church on Sunday.

The children and parents of families who endure hardships and suffer persecution together, such as ours did through the years, have a closeness and a loyalty for each other that other families do not have. This love and spiritual unity is what has kept us together as a family. Because we suffered together and served together, we shall rule together in God's spiritual family, which includes all of you who are "partakers together of His suffering" with us, and some day we shall all rule and reign with Christ in the New Heaven and the New Earth. Hallelujah!

Our physical children and also our spiritual children are the only possessions that we can take with us from this life. Therefore, it behooves us to take good care of them and count it a privilege to be entrusted with them for a short time while we are on earth. Training our children is the most important job we have to do. As one man of God expressed it, "Nothing is more important than God's children and their care, for they are His kingdom! I am convinced that our children and families are going to be some of our greatest witnesses." Amen, how about yours?