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What a hypocrite

Posted by gagging2 on May 23, 2005 at 10:45:29

In Reply to: I went to that site posted by gagging on May 22, 2005 at 00:58:36:

"Children of today's society are no longer sheltered by parents, but are often the victims of their parents emotional and spiritual problems. They have to learn early in life how to cope with such problems and live above them."

Like your daughter Deborah, for example?

"Therefore, they are more mature and able to face the hardships of the world at a much earlier age than their parents were. In many cases, the teenager may be more emotionally stable than his parents, who are quarreling among themselves, have drinking problems, or have succumbed to other evils of the society in which they live, such as lying, cheating, hatred, robbery, etc."

Let's see, her other daughter is a raging alcoholic...a very common development in adulthood for incested girls who repress & deny the of her sons is dead, very probably a suicide...the last son is where? living in China in relative obscurity...Then there's the grandchild she kidnapped and turned over to Grandpa, who also had a drinking problem along with his liking for little girls.

This woman is the ultimate hypocrite. She must honestly believe no one knows her family secrets. Like her husband taking a second, third, fourth & fifth wife...