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David Berg's Secret: I don't have hardly any seed anymore

Posted by Agricultural Theology on June 03, 2005 at 00:29:45

In Reply to: Re: full-text search engine for the Pubs archive posted by Researcher on June 02, 2005 at 20:43:47:

THE SECRET!--By Father David DFO845 13 April 1978
There are a number of things that are pretty controversial along the line of Timothy not being allowed to have any love for his flesh wife etc.. I'm not sure of the legal implications so I marked them.
--(10 months before Timothy Left!)
24. I'M GOING TO CLOBBER HIM WITH THE POWER OF GOD! Beat him over the head with you, the Spirit of God, he can't resist. He has to fuck & fuck & fuck & fuck & fuck until he gives me some seed. Because I don't have hardly any seed anymore.

25. (MARIA: BUT HONEY, A LOT OF TIMES IT SEEMS LIKE HE HAS A LOT MORE OF THE SPIRIT & he knows how to make decisions & he really gets answers from the Lord a lot more than I do.) More than what? More than me? (Maria: No, more than I do.) Oh, Honey, you're the Queen, you're the consort of the King. The Queen, the Queen. So forget it. The King rules by the divine right of kings. God rules over all.

26. IT'S A VERY IMPORTANT DISCUSSION. (Maria: Why Honey?) So you can know the truth, & the truth will make you free. So you can be free of Timothy & he can be bound to you. You must be free but he must be bound. [DELETED]