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Re: Let's set the record straight

Posted by legal researcher on June 07, 2005 at 04:18:02

In Reply to: Let's set the record straight posted by Jot-n-Tittle on June 06, 2005 at 10:02:36:

Also, if someone gets thrown out of a country for participating in unlawful/unapproved activities according to their visa -- (example working without a work visa, engaging in proselytization activity while declaring your purpose of entry as tourist, etc., having income without paying taxes, passing literature deemed pornographic or subversive) -- they have according to the legal systems of most countries, in fact been convicted and found guilty by a magistrate or a lower court and thus summarily deported.

When someone is arrested under such circumstances, there are usually arrangements where the offender has to sign papers confessing to their crime so they get deported without facing further charges in a higher court. If the offender chooses not to sign a confession, they are then obliged to appear in court to challenge the case legally. You can bet there are scores of members, leaders included, who have been evicted and deported by authorities based on misrepresenting themselves and their activities as allowed on their visas.

A look into such records would mean there are plenty of people found guilty by small courts around the world.