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I was found guilty of breaking the law

Posted by Jailbird on June 12, 2005 at 19:00:24

In Reply to: Re: Let's set the record straight posted by legal researcher on June 07, 2005 at 04:18:02:

Fam leaders asked me to do something illegal for a bit of financial gain, and 2 top dogs even crawled out of their selah holes, showed up and escorted me to the place where they wanted me to do the deed. To cheat the system, and ensure I would have no choice but to do as they demanded, they walked me right to the spot and left me no way out. My wife and kids were at home, and I was about to leave the country. If I hadn't done as they insisted, I might never have seen them again.

For all their assurances I would not be caught, I was immediately arrested and sat in prison waiting for my trial. While I was in a horrble 3rd world prison, all I could think of were the consequences. I was afraid the leaders would say I failed because I had no faith for it. I was afraid I would not see my wife and kids again. I was afraid the authorities would investigate and find links that would lead to the entire Fam being thrown out of the country. I was afraid of the trouble I might have brought on the fam. I was afraid for what I'd go through in prison.

I was only released after I signed a confession and agreement not to fight the case and to paying a fine of US$35,000 (late 80's). Looking at my options: fighting it would have been stupid. I was clearly caught breaking the law. The defense lawyers would be at my cost, I had no viable defense, I'd have to wait a year or two in prison for a trial date, and I'd have to pay for damages and a very long prison sentence if I lost, and I knew I would.