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Re: Why I think Zerby did it at Berg's instigation

Posted by JJF on June 22, 2005 at 17:14:59

In Reply to: Re: Why I think Zerby did it at Berg's instigation posted by shades on June 22, 2005 at 16:21:25:

These creeps have all their bases covered.

Rick was upset about this "incident" long before he figured out how sick it was. This was an adolescent who refused to talk to the Family-owned psychologist Larry Lilliston about his sexual experiences growing up, but was nevertheless pronounced psychologically healthy. So why didn't he want to talk to Dr. Larry about porking Mama? Oh yeah, I remember. Dr. Larry wouldn't have understood how loving and pure the whole thing was.

A competent, ethical psychologist would have told Maria & Peter: I can't do an evaluation of Rick's psychological adaptation to the deviant sexual socialization he experienced growing up because he refuses to talk to me about it.

There's additional commentary on this story over at MO. Rick apparently told more than one of his closest friends about this "incident"--one of them urged him to talk to a professional about his feelings of shame and rage. Well, the family of Angela Smith can thank Dr. Larry for setting Rick up to see that option as an exercise in futility.