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Re: Small clarification

Posted by sarafina on June 22, 2005 at 18:09:53

In Reply to: Re: Why I think Zerby did it at Berg's instigation posted by JJF on June 22, 2005 at 15:10:10:

Just a quick clarification on behalf of Amy/Armindria, Ricky had never told her about this particular incident and she certainly did not tell the reporter about it.

I on the other hand did know, Ricky had talked to me about it once while here, however I never mentioned it to the reporter either. I believe it was possibly Davida who first mentioned it and it had to have been confirmed by another one or two as well as I know they did not print anything without first checking, confirming and double checking all their facts by more then just one person.

One last thing, this wasn't mentioned but, Ricky had said it was his mothers Idea not his Dad's and that he (Rick) mainly went along with it on Davida's behalf so that she wouldn't be alone, also that it was mostly Oral, not penetrating sex.(At least thats what he told me about it)

He said it was also His Mom who asked Sara to offer Davida. Like someone wrote earlier, She offered up others for sex to feed Bergs lust to consolidate her own power.

“Their motives in telling the story have little to do with trying to destroy TFI. I think they simply want the world to understand the true source of the demons that disturbed and unhinged their brother, lover & friend.”

True. This couldn’t be a more accurate statement.