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Music Without Meaning?

Posted by lu on July 30, 2005 at 19:52:49

In Reply to: Re: Stuck posted by Jo on July 29, 2005 at 23:49:50:

Jo, you brought back a memory when you wrote about how it was in the cult in that we were taught "if I opened my mouth I should be talking about God and Jesus according to the cult and then later according to the Family and be "productive"."

This reminds me of when, via a circuitous root, I finagled bootlegging a copy of a Beatles tape when I was about 15. When I went to listen for the first time (on headphones, of course), dying to hear this supposedly corrupt/currupting music, I was overwhelmed by the first notes. This terribly deviant song was shamelessly "rocking," and moreover, the only "message" was..."She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah..."

I loved that a song could just talk about part of living, of being, without some "deep" message. Of course, to The Family, any art -- and even life itself -- not serving their Bergtheology framework was supposed to be meaningless. Hence they put out their music, which was oh-so-different from most everyone else's because it was music with meaning (I was reminded of this whole thing by a thread on MovingOn).

Were you still in the cult when they put in a new rule that you had to pray with the person before talking to anyone about anything at "Home"??

It's amazing what I managed to see through a window the size of a skinnier deck of cards. Little did I know as I listened that I would one day actually get to see Paul McCartney perfomr live, no need to hide my tapping feet or my overflowing grin. And this week I openly watched Ringo on late-night TV.