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Re: Irf'er's on the other hand

Posted by susie on August 10, 2005 at 01:42:16

In Reply to: Irf'er's on the other hand posted by IRF'ers on August 10, 2005 at 00:57:17:

I've just shown my pyschaitrist the IRFers Beware letter and he was flaggergasted. I gave him a copy to read at home. I covered quite a bit today (thankfully) and his jaw was dropped and his eyes wide for the whole session. I also gave him a copy of the Rolling Stone article so I hope next week he has a fuller understanding.

When IRFers Beware came out my husband and I had all but left the Family. I can't remember if we still received any lit, I dont think so. Anyway that was when Keda came to pay us a visit with her hanger-onners and read us that letter. We rejoined straight away. It scared the shit out of me, mainly for the fear that something would happen to my kids. Within a week our house turned into a Family home with one bus, one caravan and numerous tents and people coming out of the woodwork. We left the country within months to obey the letters and go to a third world country. But that letter was the beginnning of it. And was delivered by some of the most crafty and charasmatic people in the Family ie. Keda, Mike Fisher and friends.

Next week I tell him the story of my sister's child's kidnapping by Peter Riddell aka Barry of Windy. I predict more dropped jaws and wide eyes.