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Re: Irf'er's on the other hand

Posted by MG on August 10, 2005 at 04:22:24

In Reply to: Irf'er's on the other hand posted by IRF'ers on August 10, 2005 at 00:57:17:

If I rmember right Irfers came in the wake of Jonestown. Were there actually a lot of raids or simply Berg saying that the Devil was now out to get the Family which is why Jonestown happened in the first place, because the Devil needed an excuse to get rid of Berg and his followers? So Berg said that it was time to go underground and FF all the more, even get system jobs? This was also when Berg changed the name from COG to the Family.

So when lots of people did that and started sending in minimums, which is what me and my wife were doing at the time, WS income took a drastic drop and Berg needed Irfers Beware to get people to started sending in more money. That's my guess.

That letter sure scared us and I remember the main change we had at the time was to change our status and tithe more.

But we didn't actually quit working at a system job and get back into a home or go to a “mission field” in the 3rd world until the World Series came a few years later with all the dire warnings of doom if you stayed in the North. Things looked pretty scary at the time with Reagan being so tough on the Russians, and the Russians getting tough in return, so for people like us who followed Berg’s interpretation of Bible prophecy it looked like it was really about to happen, the 3rd World War, the Great Confusion and all the rest. Funny thing was we bombed out on the mission field, India, not long after leaving and had to return to the North, not long after that Berg wrote for everyone who didn’t make it on the field, then you could be a missionary by supporting missionaries, which is how we operated for a few years, until the whole thing with “Searchers” started and there was again a big push with “Go East” and co-ops, (throw in a little Nivea of the Sea and the bus you missed) so we forsook everything again and went back to India. For 14 more years we stayed members until we left the insanity in 2001.