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Re: New wine from the caves of Zerby

Posted by Farmer on August 13, 2005 at 06:45:46

In Reply to: New wine from the caves of Zerby posted by news snoop on August 12, 2005 at 19:34:31:

7. The truth is that it is My enemy who is on your trail, and he is the one who's trying to defeat the Family.—Not because of the 1% of your sins and shortcomings, but because of the other 99% where you were right, and you were on the ball, and you defeated him...

1% only....well, then I have been remarkably good
in my time in TF...oh, I've always thought so ; ) ....but this isn't...I figure...the judgement seat of Christ

14. Of course, the Family has made mistakes and you cannot pretend to be blameless. There will always be ammunition that someone can use against you, because you're not perfect. But it isn't for those sins that the Enemy is picking on you.

...Romans 13 states clearly, that if you do evil, you should be afraid of that power(although diminishing in places of the world)...
They should have Romans 13 on their setcard!!

15.In your past you have had many persecutions, and they have all focused on some different aspect. In the old days you were accused of brainwashing and kidnapping and holding people against their will. And if you will remember‚ this was before sex (outside of marriage) was even allowed in the Family, and there was nothing on that score to accuse you of. You have been persecuted for proselytizing the youth, for converting heathen in countries where that wasn't looked well on. You have been accused of child abuse, child slavery, trafficking children, prostitution, drug abuse, drug trafficking, treason against governments, money laundering‚ and many other allegations.

How about mentionning things, which are known to be illegal, like bribing, to stay in the country,forging passports, not to speak of the severe abuse.

20. Your past persecutions should show you that it's not any one sin of yours—whether true or untrue—that you are continually persecuted for, but rather that you can't win with the System, and there is no way you can ever conform and be completely accepted by them as long as you continue to be the revolutionaries that I have called you to be. If you're not accused of one thing or persecuted for it‚ it will always be another. If there's not something you've actually done that they can use against you, your enemies will make something up. If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you.

It's not for any of those sins?First it's acknowledged, that mistakes were made, but then for none of them, TF should get trouble???
Romans 13 says something veeeeeery different.
The problem/solution to that contradiction is, what has been argued all over the different boards: TF misuses the term persecution for righteousness' sake.

21. The hard fact is that although mistakes were made that can give your detractors excuses and seemingly valid reasons for speaking evil of your good, if it weren't for the fact that you're actually doing so much good and so much right, the Enemy would let your mistakes slide. The Devil doesn't care about your mistakes. He doesn't care if people get hurt. He doesn't care about the times people acted out of My will and outside the boundaries of My Law of Love. He was in fact the instigator of most of those mistakes or sins, and he plans to use them against you. The Enemy does not care as much about rectifying individual injustices, unless it would hinder My greater work in some way. He cares more about stopping the Family as a whole.

TF also teaches, the devil can't do anything, except what the Lord allows...remember vaguely the thing about the watchdog...pretty wild works all together for good...also the maaaaaaaany mistakes, sins, crimes of TF....

24. That doesn't mean the Family is perfect or hasn't made some mistakes in the past, but it does mean that your few sins and errors don't add up to the wave of hate and demonic power arrayed against you. I'm on your side, and Satan is on the other side. That is a fact. The Devil is trying to wipe you out because he hates you—because you love Me and you give your lives for Me.

Yes...we got it: all those rapes, teenage molestations, abuses are really not worthy to have TF persecuted, to get the heat on them, getting them into prison & real trouble...forgive & forget...sure TF repented...we believe all that...sure