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Re: Scary Clown People

Posted by sga on September 16, 2005 at 09:08:40

In Reply to: Re: Scary Clown People posted by MG on September 16, 2005 at 03:48:11:

I beg to differ...

Perry was correct...that is Crystal from Macau.. Does anyone one remember her "Traumatic Testimony" about being a homeless hooker before joining TF? Think there are many other SGA's who like to see her in jail

Also photographed is Joanna. She was at the HCS in Japan for a long time and terrorized the kids in her group. One of my younger siblings had the misfortune of being placed in her group and has some heartbreaking stories to tell.

The Roselle's are also photographed posing in front of a Red Cross vehicle. The same people who told the world that their son is a liar.

"Family members going into the shelters to sing and do their clown shows are not going there to abuse children."

The names above are only the people I recognized. They have already either abused children, or allowed the abuse of children. Pretty shocking how cruel these people have been to defenseless children in the past. They are not innocent dumb sheep. They are part of the cycle of abuse that Berg created with his perverse doctrines. Would you let a current Family member look after your children? I assume not and if that is the case then you should give a damn that they are currently with the Katrina children. These people still believe in Bergs teachings and I for one don't think that they should be let near any children until they have had some serious therapy and are able to stop the abuse pattern. I will continue to alert the general public whenever TF shows up on the relief radar.

IMO if TF really did care about helping people they would send their kids to school to become doctors. Then they might actually be able to make a difference in 3rd world countries and disaster areas. With all their clowning nonsense TF is currently just filling as sort of TV entertainment. If these people, including children, had the option I am sure that most if not all would rather watch TV or play video games than listen to cheesy songs sung by scary clowns with their out dated moves. Why watch Family Singers when you've got Beyonce and other artists with real talent?

"Iím not into going after individual family members... Whatever I can do to go after the head yes"

However the "head" would not exist without all of those individual Family members who support it. These "dumb sheep" include abusers and those who stood by and did nothing. They still believe in all of the perverse writings and live in that little "us against the world" bubble where they protect known pedophiles. The public deserves to be warned, our abusers deserve to be put in jail, all other current members need at least some serious psychotherapy and a basic class on why it is important to protect children.