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A correction

Posted by Observer on September 18, 2005 at 21:39:10

In Reply to: Re: Yes? posted by darlin on September 18, 2005 at 16:37:28:

I agree the above poster posting under multiple names can be confusing sometimes, but just to point out something. You said:

Where my comments come from? They come from things like when someone discusses something they are dealing with like Asperger's in a family, and then you write about Maria having Asperger's, or when you write in a condescending manner as if to educate people, it bugs me.

Actually NO one was talking about dealing with Aspergers (at least in recent memory) before some poster raised the possiblity that Maria had it. The poster raised the possibility first, THEN another poster informed us that her grandchild had it & said she didn't appreciate pop diagnosis for that reason. Understandable. It'd have been very insensitive had it happened the way you describe, with the poster diagnosing Maria with Ausberger's after the discussiion, but it didn't happen that way. Hope this helps take some of the sting out of this for you.

BTW, I usually like the many humorous posts by the above poster, tho agree it gets a little out of hand & confusing at times to where I don't know who said what. But often her many humorous posts are generally very appreciated.