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Re: A question for Windy

Posted by Windy on October 06, 2005 at 13:29:41

In Reply to: A question for Windy posted by Oldtimer on October 05, 2005 at 21:33:14:


I am going to try to answer your questions to the best of my ability although it's been made very clear to me that there are certain things that cannot be discussed concerning the shows production due to legal reasons.

In my post on the Dr Phil show I explained why we were so disappointed with our cousin right now. Again, although I have received considerable amount of flack for that post, I stand by everything I said. We're pretty disappointed due to her not using the opportunity on the Dr. Phil show to really address the big issue (exposure of the cult) but to instead bring personal father-daughter relationship issues to the forefront of the discussion. I have had a number of people contact me since the show and have said that Jim was painted in the worst possible light and that if they didn't know him personally, they would have bought into it themselves. This is very upsetting to not only me but to many in our family unit. I have had some serious issues with my own father and lord knows he has needed a good ass kicking more than once in recent years. However, I cannot imagine putting him on national t.v. and attempting to ruin his reputation the way that Kristi did to Jim. None of us can.

During the show Dr Phil's son said,

"I couldn't imagine if they said, 'OK. I'm totally lost in this world. I'm going to look for somebody for help. All of a sudden, I find my father, the--the person who everybody says, this is the person that you look to for help. And then he doesn't help me.' That's got to be the most traumatic experience of your life except for the things that happened in the cult."

Why didn't Kristi tell the audience that her father did in fact help her a lot and has been very involved with her getting back on her feet? For Kristi to not even vouch for her father when she had that perfect opportunity is really disheartening. Why didn't she mention that her father is actively pursuing Phil Slown? Why did she paint her dad as being an SOB who is trying to profit off of her, when those who know both parties know that is simply not true.

John Jr and China had a picture of Abe (China's brother who passed) in their hotel room the night before the taping. They kept it there and said repeatedly that they were doing this "for you, Abe, we're doing this for you." John wore a t-shirt that day for strength and in memory of his lost brother-in-law. When I saw that picture and knew John was wearing that t-shirt, it made me so proud of them for going on Dr Phil to raise awareness. To see that the show turned into personal family problems instead, was really disappointing.

I know that many think Jim came across as cold. I believe that it is fair to say that his look was that of total shock more than that of an uncaring father. I also know that no matter what I say about my uncle (and yes, I still fully support him) I will simply not please everyone or at least one of you will find it problematic. I'm sure you're getting sick of this subject so I'll just leave it at that.