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I don't understand

Posted by porceleindoll on October 06, 2005 at 19:09:01

In Reply to: Re: A request posted by my cousin vinnie on October 06, 2005 at 16:03:30:

I don't understand how Jim and John have politicised the relationship between Jim and Kristy without a little help from Kristy herself. I mean, she did agree to go on national TV with Dr.Phil, she wasn't dragged into it or forced to do it, it was her own decision. The aftermath we are seeing now was bound to happen in some form or another.

I think some members of this board are the ones who started the debate off by saying they were disgusted that Jim would say he hoped Kristi seeks counselling but not doing it himself, when in reality it turned out to be just the opposite.

John is right, this is not only our family story, this is the story of a lot of families, a lot of SGAs, ours just happens to be the one getting the mud thrown at us for it. The problems Jim and Kristi are having are the same problems my siblings have had with our father, are the same ones I need to face with my mother, and we are not the only ones.

If anything, I'd hope parents who watched the Dr.Phil show would realise the pain they cause their children when they say the Family was good for them, my dad did the same thing and it took a few years before he grasped the depth of hurt TFI had left in our lives.

One thing I know about the LaMatteries is that they don't give up when they love you. My Dad kept at the relationship with his kids, and slowly it's repairing, even though he was very hurt by some things we said and did to him, he held on and pursued. I am not the same, I will walk away, pain is too much for me to handle, but I admire my Dad to keep on loving despite what he did to us and the anger we have felt towards him, and the hurt we have caused him as well due to our anger.

I just really don't agree with your opinion that my brother and uncle are trying to polticise our family. Anyone who has been on the TV and in the media speaking out about TFI has used their own personal situation to base the story on. Why shouldn't this family's be the same. The Dr.Phil show was NOT about you or your life, it was about the personal lives and effects of TFI in the lives of those on the show, that was all. It also causes the world to realise that TFI is very responsible for a lot of pain and hurt in the lives of thousands of people, Jim, Kristy, John, China, they are only a few of many many more who have been hurt and whose relationships are suffering.