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Re: Thinking Errors in the MLs, GNs, Family member posts

Posted by Perry on October 25, 2005 at 16:13:43

In Reply to: Re: Thinking Errors in the MLs, GNs, Family member posts posted by Tarbaby on October 25, 2005 at 13:07:07:

Here's an excerpt from a draft of an article I'm working on:

"Chancellor points out a very interesting paradox regarding a Family doctrine that no member he interviewed had ever considered before. [p.63] Berg preached universal reconciliation, that ultimately God will redeem everyone including the rebellious angels and even the devil. [Book of the Future, WS: 1984, p.315-17] The paradox is that if everyone will eventually be saved why does The Family have a "driving compulsion to reach as many people as possible for Jesus." [p.64] When Chancellor asked members how they held together this driving compulsion with the belief that everyone would eventually be saved anyway, only one person was able to give him a reasoned response. The fact that current members were unable to respond to this paradox is further evidence that they are indoctrinated to the point that they are unable to critically think for themselves, which Chancellor seems to downplay. [p. 64] In a later passage he writes:

"The vast majority of disciples have little sense of scriptural nuance or ambiguity. The message of God is simple and straightforward. And they are supremely confident that the full range of their beliefs and practices rest solidly on The Word." [p. 153]

"Remember, for The Family the Word includes Berg’s writings, the Mo Letters. What Chancellor is really saying, in other words, is that they don't have the ability to apply critical thinking to their reading. Furthermore, if the message of God is so simple and straightforward, why do they need thousands of Mo and Maria letters to explain it?"