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Excuse me

Posted by Swede on October 28, 2005 at 06:43:00

In Reply to: Re: A moral dilemma posted by some thoughts on October 28, 2005 at 02:18:59:

But isn't conning the public into giving donations for charity work and then using the money for yourselves a crime? Isn't international money laundering a crime? What about phony registration leaving out the required information such as affiliation and subordination to other secret organizations, and hiding an agenda?

If second and third generation members are living a lie taught by their parents, living the life of a con artist, they have to face up to it that the rest of the world thinks it's criminal.

How can you say there is absolutely no sexualization of children when they are taught to masterbate to Jesus? and adult members make no bones about swopping partners and allowing sexual acts to be seen by children? First thing you have to remember is they don't think any of this sexualiazation is actually wrong, so they just comply technically while their children continue to live inside a sexualized environment. WHAT is the use if they tell a 4 year old, hey your big brother Johnny is masterbating to Jesus, and you mom is fucking Uncle Pete and Uncle Abe and uncle Tim, but don't have to learn how to masterbate to Jesus until your 15 according to the law. And by the way, forget about university if you can, its full of devilish people and devilish knowlege.

I would do something and kick these people out of their comfort zone if I could. They can call it persecution if they want.