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another to James See-less

Posted by Freeatlast! on October 29, 2005 at 20:29:29

In Reply to: To James See-less posted by Freeatlast! on October 29, 2005 at 19:58:54:

Here's another quote:

I am here to serve the Lord, not Maria or Peter.

Dear James... you are purely naive... you DO serve Maria and Peter... Maria is the Queen, Peter is King... it was not just a skit they put on after Berg died... you are their servants.

If you are not an FDer... than you can follow as much as you have faith for... but even as a lower ranking disciple... you are supposed to believe and promote the Family's doctrine.

Bible classes are to start off "milky" and then you are to eventually tell your "sheep" and "contacts" the deeper/meetier/contraversial doctrines of the Family. If you don't than you are NOT a true Family member.

James, you are a smart guy... but you seem to be blinded... can you look yourself in the mirror and say to yourself "I am willing to stand up for all the doctrines of the Family... I am willing to say it to anyone and I am not ashamed of the Family's past/present or it's doctrines. I am not ashamed to tell anyone the name of the goup I'm in... I'm proud of the Family... when I sell tools, I don't hide the name of the Family..."

James... if you are hesitant to boldly proclaim the Family name or it's doctrines... than you are in the wrong group.

Yes, it's hard to leave a place where you have so many friends... but be honest with yourself... you have youth, energy, optimism and faith... put it to good use in a purer environment... one where stats don't matter, where only Jesus knows who gets saved, one were you can devote yourself to the local people and really be led of the Lord and start a work hearing from Jesus and your personal faith...

If Jesus is Jesus, He will guide you... He will provide for you and He will speak to you pure and simple...

Follow the REAL Jesus... He wants to lead you to green pastures and pure waters...

James... you are in my prayers.